Mecenas - peer-to-peer patreon with Bitcoin Cash

Receive or give recurring donations directly.

  • from the donor perspective it’s set it and forget it,
  • the receiver has to pull the donation with a single click each period,

It’s the best way ever invented to support your favorite creators or to be supported by your community. There is no platform - there are no platform fees. Everything happens on the blockchain, between two people.

  • Unstoppable,
  • Uncenzorable,
  • Independent,
  • Non-custodial.

Consider accepting donations via Mecenas if:

  • You want a better long-term financial security and more predictable income,
  • You speak up unconventional thoughts,
  • The things you do would make grandma blush but people love it,
  • You know your supporters would rather stay anonymous,
  • You want to be closer to your community,
  • Your community is interested in Bitcoin.

Condider donating via Mecenas if:

  • You want to give your favorite creator more financial security and more predictable income,
  • You want to support someone without restriction,
  • You want to support someone anonymously,
  • You want 100% of your money to go to the person you support,

How does it work?

Mecenas Plugin is a plugin to Bitcoin (BCH) wallet, Electron Cash. It lets you see, manage and create new Mecenas Contracts.

Mecenas Contract a special address on the BCH blockchain that cryptographically ensures that the rules of the contract are followed.

Quick Start

First you need is Electron Cash and the Mecenas plugin:

Download Mecenas official release zip file

Install the Mecenas plugin .zip file (without unpacking) to your Electron Cash.

How to start reciving recurring donations

All you need is Electron Cash and the plugin Install the plugin:

install plugin

Add .zip file:

add plugin

Accept checkboxes:


And it’s done. A new tab should show up.


Now just publish a single address from Receive tab to your social media profile to find donators


How to claim the donation each period

Mecenas changes Bitcoin from push to pull system.

To claim the donation you have to go to Mecenas Plugin tab click Find existing Mecenas contracts, select the contract that is ready and click Take Payment from the pledge button. The contract is ready when Pledge available in: entry changes to “Pledge can be taken.”


How to set up a recurring donation

Tip: Test it with yourself first!

You can create a contract for yourself to try it out and test what both sides see. Take an address from “receive” and create a contract for yourself with some small amount.

Click Create new Mecenas Contract. You will see a form. Fill it with desired contract parameters.


It will generate a transaction that will notify participants and transfer total contract value to the contract address.